Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 23rd - Saturday - inbetween day

Saturday morning was busy here! We made bacon and eggs for breakfast and then it was alot of prepping around here. I had the 3 kids packing their bags and one in my arms (ahhh baby love *heart* ) While our 3 were doing that Jenn and Jason were packing themselves up and getting showered and ready to go. All of us had our cars packed and were on the road by 10am or so (maybe even earlier?)

I had to do a quick come back because I forgot Kyler and Quinton's bikes and helmets!

We had the kids with their MP3 players on their head and off we went! We didn't stop until we got to Sarnia. As soon as we did the kids got in the pool and didn't get out until almost supper time. It was so fun.

Dad made burgers for supper and we got out in time to have supper in the gazzebo and then back in the pool for a bit. Out for a bath (since they didn't have one all week) and PJ's and bed time.

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