Monday, January 17, 2011

My sicky little man!

Last night Kyler woke up around 3:30am and was crying. Before I could even open my eyes Arnold was jumping out of bed to check on him. He has been having nightmares for a bit so we were worried that's what it was. When it took Arnold a bit to come back to bed I realized it wasn't a bad dream.

K was sick. He has had a bit of a cold for a long time but today he was hot hot hot! Arnold gave him some meds last night and he seemed to sleep until about 7am. He crawled into bed with Arnold and I got out our trusty thermometer and checked his temp. He had a temp of 101.1F. We decided then it was time to chill out at home. HE was so upset. Kyler loves school.

K is now set up on the couch watching some movies. And when I took his temp again it was down a bit (thank you drugs!) I want to keep him home all morning and afternoon (he would miss keli school) but I'm not sure.

Here's my sick little man:




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