Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where I spend about 1 hour a week

I'm training. What! NO! Shock right? Well I started doing my training again this year. I want to be under 1 hour at the tri! I'm so excited for it. For now, Arnold has been wonderful and let me borrow "HIS" trainer.

You attach this trainer to the back of the wheel on your bike and off you go. Well... you stay right there but you can pedal to your hearts content, or until your legs feel like they are falling off.

Since it's been a while since I got back into biking I figured I would start out slow. With using my average speeds and my random bikings I did this summer I realized that saying (since no stopping, slowing down, or pausing at stop signs) every 2 minutes is about 1km. It's not totally right, but pretty darn close, I like to think.

I head out to the garage, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and get in a bike ride. Currently my plan is to get back up to my 20 minutes/10km stance before Feb 1st. My goal is to do big KM's on Monday and Friday, and back off a bit on Wednesdays. For example:

Monday (yesterday) was an 8km bike ride (17 minutes and 31 seconds)
Wednesday (tomorrow) will be an 5/6 km bike ride, unless I feel like I can keep going
Friday will be an 8km or more bike ride.

Once Feb comes around I'm hoping to "up" my km's at least 5km every month. So in Feb I will be doing 20minutes/10km, then by March I want to do 30 minutes/15km, April I would like to be at 40 minutes/20km. And then move out onto the road for my training.

So yesterday while I was outside I thought I would take some photos of my bike. Please excuse the fact that our garage looks insanely full (cause it is) but here's where I spend alot of my time:





Random PS... don't look now, but I think I might be *done* laundry!!!

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