Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Food Friday!

This year I'm going to try something new... I know I know, I've said it before and it happens alot but yeah. I'm going to try a "New Food Friday" Posts.

Starting this Friday I hope to add to my "New Food" groups. I haven't been buying too many new cook books/flyer's but I'm hoping to use up the ones I have now.

This Friday's will have 2 new ones. I did ones last night and it was SOOO good, I'm hoping to get in a second one this week if possible.

How many do you think I can get done this year? Last year we topped out at #65, and I still have a few in my "Food Folder". So who knows.. lets say 70?

This year I was going to aim for 50 again, but lets go for double it. Do you think I can get in 100 "New Foods" this year? That's about 2 a week. Who knows!

Hopefully you readers will check in on Fridays and get some great ideas for your next meal!

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