Friday, December 9, 2011

The Count Down is ON!

Things are changing at our house. Not only is it the Christmas season and the kids are buzzing with excitement but we are having a new house guest in January.

We are so excited to have my brother "Uncle Jack" move in for a few months while he finds a job. The kids can't wait to have someone "younger" to play with! AH I can't believe they said that but they did.

Today we worked on cleaning out the closet for the green room so he has a place to put all his incredible suits! I'm very excited to have him close to use while he searches for a job!

Not only that but the official count down is on (and ALMOST in hours....) until the NUTCRACKER!!! Quinton is over the moon excited as it is his first year to go. He wants to bring his nutcracker from home but I told him we should leave it here. We don't want it to get broken.

Today, while we clean, we are listening to the Nutcracker CD that Kyler picked last year. I'm so impressed with him picking it and now are preparing ourselves by listening to it. What wonderful music!

The boys are also having a PJ day today. It's a PA day from school and we are chilling out at home. We did a quick run to the grocery store to get a few things and now are home for the rest of the day. It's snowing (while not staying on the ground) and the boys are excited when their friends "the girls" come over and they can go and play in the back yard. We did pick up some gingerbread families to decorate. My plan, which who knows if this will work, is to send the kids outside to play in the back yard, then inside for hot chocolate and popcorn and a movie, then decorate our gingerbread family and the cat and dog that came with it, and then let the kids play trains again. IT should be fun!!

Here's to a productive day! Hey I already got in a blog post so we must be doing well!!

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