Saturday, December 3, 2011


Finally!! I'm updated to December. November was a fun but busy month, and I can see December is shaping up the same way.

These past 3 days we have already:

*said Merry Christmas/Happy New Year to my little daycare boy. His parents are off on 2 week rotations for a bit and he is done visiting us.

*had our Christmas gifts arrive in BC and Alberta for our friends/family out there.

*gone on a date with the boys to get Daddy's Christmas gifts (the boys picked them out themselves - hehe )

*made my first batch of Christmas exchange cookies (and have now eaten about half of them - I'm making more tomorrow)

*boys had their last men's breakfast of the year at church today

*gone to see Santa at the mall

*saw Santa at the zoo and got to play some games there.

*updated and change all the calendars in the house

*updated our budgets

WOW we have done alot! and still more to do. I did manage to get some Christmas Gifts wrapped up this morning so that helps me out a bit. Just a few more to go and I'm all done for now. I do need to finish making some gifts as well.

So on our December plate is:

Dutch Christmas
Doctors appointments for myself and for Kyler
2 more Wednesday Night Youth Groups before the end of the year
Girls from across the road coming over for another 4 times before school is out
Going to Home Depot to make something
Going to see the Nutcracker (first year with both boys!)
Nursery schedule at church
Arnold's Christmas party
Sound checks/dress rehearsals for the Church's Christmas production
Youth's "Disney Themed" Christmas party
Boys both have their own school productions
Last day of school
Traveling to Sarnia for Christmas
Kyler's Skating daycamp
Pre-New years all night-er for the youth
New Years at the Zoo

Wow are we busy! Thankfully it slows down a bit in January! So please forgive me if I'm not posting alot/at all. We are busy!

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