Friday, September 16, 2011

Help a Girl out, would ya?

First I want to start this post by saying this is NOT a regular thing. This is something I have prayed about and taken my time before jumping into this post.

That being said please read on:

I "met" Cheryl online when we move to Toronto. A mutual friend of ours, Sarah, set us up. I had moved here for Arnold's job from Sarnia and Cheryl had moved her for her husbands job from out east. We both didn't know anyone and began getting to know each other. Her family of 3 (at the time) are wonderful loving people. So fantastic! While it did take us a while to get together we eventually did and hung out. Her daughter Lauren was so cute!

The year I became a Doula (2008) Cheryl told me she was pregnant! I was super excited for her and partly excited because I would have a new client. She was due way later that year and I was thrilled to have her on my "1 of 3" list. As the pregnancy wen on something went "wrong". Cheryl had Jillian before she was fully cooked, so to speak.

It was really rough on them as a family. Having Jillian at the hospital, Cheryl there as much as she could, her husband, Adam, working and Lauren all over. Some of us, including me, were lucky enough to have Lauren come and visit our houses while Mama was in the hospital before and after birth.

I've been keeping tabs on Cheryl and her family these past 3 years and have seen the love and determination she has for her family. Jillian has been been diagnosed with "stic diplegia cerebral palsy". I'm still not 100% sure what it means but I *DO* know it means she has trouble walking right now.

Her insurance company has denied her request for Botox injections to help Jillian walk. Jillian and her family were granted with a gift the last time this was done, about 3 months ago, and it worked, so well! There are great videos of Jillian walking shortly after her first treatment. But to insure that she can continue to walk she needs these (just over $1000.00) injections every 3 months. That's ALOT of cash.

While Cheryl fights with her insurance company she is left with 2 options. Jillians' appointment on the 21st of September (next week) will either be the date for the injections (which cost $1000.00) or will have to cancel. This means walking or not walking for Jillian right now.

I would like to give you a link to a best friend of Cheryl who has started something up for helping her raise the money. Asking for money is NOT a Cheryl thing (or a me thing) but she needs it to help her daughter. Please check out Rhea's "Oh Rheally" blog about Jillian's auction.

I will keep you updated when I know more.

For those wondering, Cheryl's blog can be found here at Beautiful Side of Hectic

Thanks for reading. If nothing else please pray for this family as they try to reach their goal and for their daily lives.

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