Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pain and a Picture

Picture first!


This gives you an idea of what our days look like:

7:15am is our wake up calls on days we don't have daycare kids
8:30am is when we need to go to school
10:50am was Q's appointment at school
11:10am is when I need to go and pick up Q from school
3:00pm is when Q and I (and any daycare kids) need to go and get Kyler!

And that's not all our days get a bit more busy every day!


About a week or so ago I was told by my dr that my arm (has been hurting for over a month now) is now considered to have "tennis elbow". OUCH! Some days are better than others and some days REALLY suck. I'm not too excited about it at all but hey, what can I do? I love doing things around my house, I need to but when my arm hurts this much it's not easy to do things. I can't open jars without pain, open doors without pain, pretty much open ANYTHING without it hurting. I can't hold my boys hands. it's so sore.

I talked to a friend across the road today and she gave me a number of someone she goes too and I'm going to try them out on Monday at 9:30am. I'm hoping it doesn't hurt so bad!

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