Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome September!

I'm excited for this month. Not only do our lives change with Kyler going into grade 1 but Quinton will also be going to school this year, entering JK.

Both boys are set as far as clothing goes. They are excited to wear their new underwear and their new clothes all the time. Today, Kyler pulled out a long sleeve orange shirt he picked out for school and wore it for about 1 hour until he realize it was "too hot" to wear today. Silly boy!

We also found some great lunch bags that Nana is sending to us. I've now got to come up with some good lunches for us to feed the boys.

Also this year means changes at home. Not only will both boys be going to school but mama is home "alone" for *so long*. HA! ok I put that one in there for some friends of mine. Everyone I talk to that finds out both boys are going to school this year keep asking me "what will you do with ALL that time!". HAHAHAHA ok... seriously? Right now all I plan on doing is exercising and that's it. I realized when Kyler went to school that "all that time" isn't really a lot. For Q and I we could get to the library at 9am, hit up the grocery store by 9:45am and be home and put most of it away by 11am. Then we have to pick up Kyler! At least we would have all afternoon to do things. This year it changes. I have to drop both boys off by 8:40am (I don't leave the school until closer to 9am) and then pick up Q at 11am, and then walk back and pick up K at 3:10pm. It's not too much time but I'm sure I will be a pro at a few things.

Like I said, for now my goal is to exercise.

Ever since finishing my Tri last weekend I took a break. A few days off was nice but by Tuesday I was itching to get back out there. I called the doctor and arranged for a sooner appointment to make sure I could get back out there and do some more working out. See, about 1 month ago I hurt my elbow. Badly. I have *no* idea what I did to it but it hurts. Now it hurts doing just about anything. Taking the wet clothes out of the washer into the dryer, pulling down a bowl to make breakfast, or stirring the juice. It's painful. And lets be real, a girl can only complain for so long then no one cares right? So for now I squint in pain or try not to let it show but it hurts. Thankfully I can get into see the dr on Friday. I'm hoping she can help me feel better soon!

Also this month I've started a "family day". I'm thinking the last Saturday of the month will be our family day. We will go and do something in the city. Something we haven't done or something the boys love doing. This month it's the 24th. We are going to go to the beach or mini golfing! or maybe both!

I'm also going to try and get caught up on some of my new foods! I'm so behind but I'm hoping with "all that time" I can get it done as well!

That's it for now! Have a fantastic first day of September!

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