Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photo Challenge

I've noticed something. Aside from a serious lack of pictures in August (and posting) I haven't taken as many pictures as I thought I would during the summer. And because of that I've started a "Photo Challenge". Each day I'm being challenged to take pictures of something that is important to me, something I do/use every day, or something that inspires me.

I'll give you an example:

"Welcome to the September Photo Challenge. This month you are invited to explore different areas in your lives that may not be picture worthy but are still very important to you. These can range from a thank you note you get to the mail; a favourite comforting meal to a person you love more than anything. Be ready to be challenged. If you fall behind don't worry, catch up when you can but most of all be ready to take a photo!"

September 1st Challenge. Take a photo of your "work area". For me it's a new-to-me corner desk. I love my new desk. My father-in-law built it for my husband while we were in university. It fit perfectly behind the school desks into the corner so we had lots of space there. Eventually it went into our first house, then to my parents house where after being in storage a bit my brother took it over and used it at his university housing. And eventually it landed back at my parents house. Now it's finally at our home. We have recently began renting out the whole house (July) and have this beautiful yellow mud/back room. It's wonderful. And so that I can watch the kids outside and still be able to use my computer I've now set it up in the corner. With no notice (ie no time to clean it up) I took a picture:


Dirty hey? And crazy busy but it works. To "explain" my picture:


These flowers were given to me from a friend. We had them over for dinner once and they brought over these flowers. While they are wilting a bit I'm excited to move them outside (not today, it's raining) and plant them in my garden soon.


My camera! We just came back from a picnic with the kids and I got a few new photos of the kids and of the school playground. I always seem to have it close at hand in case I need to snag a photo quickly!


This picture kinda does a bit of everything. There is my cell phone (which is generally ALWAYS on me), my son's pencil box (which he brought over to me this morning), under that is my to-do list, as well as my Bible.


Behind my computer is my bike lock, and my tri number! I need to figure out how to put some pictures on my wall but for now that's where it sits!


Lunch leftovers. Like I said our picnic got canceled so I had my yogurt, water and cheese and crackers at my desk instead.


My computer! An important part. And see what I'm working on now? My blog! I have 2 blogs. This one (my photos one) and the other one (my family one). I'm working on updating the family blog to it's new "Fall theme".

I'm excited for tomorrows challenge:

"September 2nd's Challenge:
Today you are going to be challenged to take a picture of something you do every single day. This photo is going to resemble something that you do/use. This could be your coffee maker or your shoes. Get creative and enjoy!"

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