Monday, September 26, 2011

A Weekend at Nana And Papa's house

This weekend we went to my parents house! What a weekend it was!

Thursday night Arnold and a neighbour got the bench seat out of the back of the van for us. We put in our clothes and things we needed. We were ready for Friday.

Friday the boys had school and then we headed out the door. We went to Metro and picked up sub sandwiches (we brought our own mustard) and some chips. Then off to get Arnold. The highway was a little packed already so we ended up taking a few different routes. With the crazy rain and crazy amount of people on the roads it was nuts! But we did just fine!

We got Arnold and headed out to Nana and Papa's house. With 1 stop to get a drink on the way there we got to Nana and Papa's around 9pm'ish.

I went out to visit with my mom at the scrapbooking store and then I went to get Jack from the train station. The train was a little late so we didn't get back until almost 11pm.

We visited with Mom and Dad for a bit then everyone headed off to bed. It was crazy! We all realized that this weekend, Jack, Arnold, the boys and I were "renting" out the house! It had food (and if not we had a GC to get some) and Nana and Papa were working ALL weekend! What a sucky thing! But it turned out alright.

Saturday morning we got up and started on things right away. Arnold got working on the computers (they needed to be reformatted and started again) and got them going. Jack and I took the boys out. We went to the grocery store, the flower store, the sub store, then to mom's scrapbooking store and last to the bakery. We brought Kyler and the food home. Kyler started to rake the lawn and Quinton, Jack and I went to Value Village. I got some tops and pants and some things for Halloween. Then to the book store and the pool store.

When we got back to the house Jack and Arnold moved the hot tub a few inches closer to the house and we got started on the pool. I began to fill the water bags up while jack emptied the pool a bit and we got things ready to go for the closing. Once it was all ready we left it until dad got home to finish it up.

We made supper, visited with Grandma and Grandpa (the kids GREAT grandparents) and then came home. We had supper and headed outside. The big boys and I did the pool and Mom and the little boys went to the park. After supper the boys played some Wii and Mom and I went to the store for dessert. We had chocolate cake and ice cream. SO yummy!

The next morning Arnold was back at the computers and we hung around the house for a bit. Eventually we brought the boys outside and I finished packing up.

It was a busy weekend! We got home to our house in Toronto by about 5pm.

Next time we go down we plan on taking the fabric off the gazebo, staining the steps and hot tub, if we can, and making thanksgiving dinner :) It's going to be a busy weekend!

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